WELCOME to mikezdrummer!

Mike Zimmerman is a drummer and producer in Nashville Tennessee.  Check out the Media tab to see and hear Mike perform.

Mike started playing drums at age 14 after playing the guitar for a year.  Drums appealed more to Mike probably due to his mother being a rhythm player in the traditional Serbo-Croatian folk scene in the Cleveland area. This atmosphere rubbed off on Mike to seek out the uncommon, yet traditional sounds in the music around him.  His early influences were the usual suspects of great drumming such as Neil Peart, John Bonham and Phil Collins.  Later as Mikes tastes matured and his hunger for knowledge grew, greats such as Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl and many others were his private teachers or victims of thievery!  


After years of playing in the Cleveland music scene, Mike decided to uproot his small family and move to Nashville to give it a real go.  After getting to know the landscape, Mike landed his first artist gig with Doug Stone.  He then had the great opportunity to play with other artists such as Earl Thomas Conley, Tracy Byrd and Jamie O'Neal.  Years of touring, sessions and odd-jobs finally led to a gig with legendary singer Kenny Rogers.  This also led to opportunities to play with other artists such as Linda Davis, Billy Dean and even Lionel Richie!  Mike has had the honor and pleasure of playing all over the world in venues all of his heroes have set up and laid down the groove.  

Mike's tasteful playing and professionalism has earned the respect of his peers and employers. His hopes for the future are to continue playing drums and to expand his session and producing work both in Nashville and online. 


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