Tracy Byrd "Keeper of the Stars"


Mike has performed in many arenas and studios.  

Below are a few examples of his work:

Kenny Rogers

Playing Live

Tracy Byrd "I'm From the Country"

Grand Ole Opry

Earl Thomas Conley "Your Lies on the Line"

Music Produced by Mike Zimmerman:

"Stuff" from Kenny Rogers' "The Toy Shop" Starring Alan Thicke

"Seed, Soil, Sunshine" from "The Farmer Rob show"

"All I Want" From "The Farmer Rob Show"

"Black and White" Kenny Rogers Demo

"Pomladni Veter"  Lynn Marie

"Where Do Things Come From" From "the farmer Rob Show"

"This Craziness" From "The Kelly Gang" Brisbane, Australia

"The Real Thing" By Mike Zimmerman

Photo Gallery