“Harrow Studio” the place where I can record drums and percussion for any project.  I can deliver as little or as many tracks that are necessary and at whatever sonic quality required.  With todays technology, I can communicate with anyone to deliver hi-quality drum tracks.  Contact me and we can put together your customized session!



Let me produce your musical project. Along with my services I can enlist other top professionals that have a world of experience, talent and know-how to give your project a top-notch professional sound.   



I have over 14 years experience playing with professional artists and acts all over the globe. I pride myself in my professionalism by being prepared with the music and being on time.  I'm familiar with playing to tracks and keep my gear in tip-top shape.  


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Apple Computers

Logic Pro X

Apollo 2 Duo

Universal Audio 4-710d Tube Mic-pre

Focusrite OctoPre MKII

Audix Mics

Shure Mics

CAD Mics


Yamaha Maple Custom Drums

Yamaha Stage Custom Drums

Gretsch USA Custom Drums

Sabian Cymbals